Dermscan Asia locates on 29th Floor, Tower A, Elephant Building with a dedicated 534 square meters of air conditioned working area. Our main facilities include:

- 2 Laboratories (Lab A and Lab B) with temperature and hygrometric monitoring

- 1  Solar & Hair Study Laboratory; this Laboratory is equipped with a Water Tub and a Bathroom for Water Resistant Sunscreen Study (a new service as of September 2012)

- 1 Sensory Test Laboratory

- 1 Doctor Examination Room

- 1 Photography Room

- 1 Volunteer Orientation Room

- Product Weighing/Preparation Area

Our supporting facilities are:

- Volunteer Waiting Hall

- Reception Area

- 1 Big Meeting Room

- 1 Small Meeting Room

- 1 Product Storage Room; with Temperature Controlled Refrigerator

- 1 Archive Room; with IT Server Area

- Staff Working Area